1. Anaerobic Treatment

      A. CSTR (Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor)

Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor

It is modified version of conventional system. This is Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor and often termed as contact reactor or suspended growth reactor. It offers economical solution to wastewater treatment for various industries Specially for high COD discharging industries like Distilleries, Gelatine, and Starch etc. The behaviour of a CSTR is often approximated or modeled by that of a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR). All calculations performed with CSTRs assume perfect mixing. In a perfectly mixed reactor, the output composition is identical to composition of the material inside the reactor, which is a function of residence time and rate of reaction. CSTR model is often used to simplify engineering calculations and can be used to describe research reactors. In practice it can only be approached, in particular in industrial size react.

      B. UASBR (Up flow Anaerobic sludge Blanket Reactor)

Up flow Anaerobic sludge Blanket Reactor

It is the conventional and widely employed Biodigester for low and medium strength wastewater. It is commonly known as UASB Reactor. It offers economical solution to wastewater treatment for various industries. The UASB is a waste water treatment system that uses microorganisms to biologically degrade pollutants. The advantages of this system include the ability to keep large amount of the biomass intended for degradation and the production of biogas.