Special Products

1. Bio Gas to Power Generation

Bio Gas To Power Generation

Bio gas generated from anaerobic digesion of effluent from various industries as well as sewage. Instead of burnt in a boiler for generation of steam then power through steam turbine coupled to an alternator. The biogas directly can be burnt in to IC engine to generate power and steam.

2. Compressed Bio Gas (CBG)

Compressed Bio Gas

Water scrubbing technology for Biogas Purification is patented by IIT Delhi. Our Principle GBES has partnered with IIT Delhi to develop and commercialize this technology for implementation across India. Water scrubbing is an indigenous technology which is cost effective and consumes very less energy for Biogas Purification. After purification, Biogas contains high concentrations of Methane (> 92%) with a calorific value of 51,000 KJ/kg. This purified biogas can be used directly or can be compressed in to cylinder as a replacement of LPG or CNG.

3. Purely Biological H2S Scrubber

H2S Scrubber

We offer purely biological tailor made solutions for H2S removal for upgradation for power generation. These Biogas Scrubber are available for biogas from industries like –
• Distilleries & Breweries
• STPs
• Food & Agro Processing Units (Starch, Palm Oil& Food processing Units)
• Dairy
• Paper & Pulp Mill
• Starch factory.

4. Bio Gas Analyzer

Bio Gas Analyzer

We provides complete end to end solution for Biogas monitoring system, portable/handheld or inline, for all biogas needs. Our principle GBES is the authorized dealer for south Asia, Geotech (UK). Our Biogas analyzer (Biogas 5000) can measure the following-
- Methane (CH4): 0-100%
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2) : 0-100
- Oxygen (O2) : 0-25%
- Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) : 0-10,000 ppm
- Flow rate measurement

5. Bio Box

Bio Box

Bio-boxXTM is a self sustainable organic waste processing unit. This product comes in a standard shipping containerized format with both 20-feet and 40-feet length. Bio-boxXTM does not require any on-site construction and is plug and play system fit for processing 500kgs and 1000kgs, respectively, per day of organic waste. Bio-boxXTM is ideal for -
• Large Kitchens / Canteens
• Institutions / Factories / Organizations
• CSR Activity
• Hotels & Resorts
• R&D for Educational Institution
• Industries aiming for Zero Waste Discharge
• Housing colonies – RWAs
• Exhibition Grounds
• Mobile defense Unit

6. Kitchen/Cow Dung Bio Gas Plant

Cow Dung Bio Gas

The waste resources which can be processed using Nisargruna Biogas plant include biodegradable kitchen waste, paper waste, green grass, leaf litter, animal remains in abattoirs, hospital waste, green plant waste, cow dung, crop residues, sugarcane, baggase, water hyacinth, etc The waste is first segregated carefully to remove non-biodegradable material and then homogenized to make slurry. It is then processed in a sequential manner first by aerobic and then by anaerobic process. The products of the process are biogas consisting of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour & weed free good quality manure about 70% of Water can be recycled at the end of the process.